Pleasantly Surprised

Poland has shocked me, I never expected so see so many textures and vibrant colors in this little country. A country that has been developed through strife and years of constant war to exist. How many civilizations have had to fight this hard to exist.

I have traveled from the impressive mountains, to the majestic seas to the north. I am not used to driving North to see a beach, all of my life, I have driven south, this was an awe inspiring change. Poland is not a large country, yet it contains Mountain Ranges that are on Par with the Alps, and beaches that resemble Florida. Through out this amazing country I have found so many beautiful ruins, I will continue to search them out as each one tells a different story.

The beaches of northern Poland are clean, sandy with colorful sunsets, and amazing lighthouses. The beach towns that litter the beaches with activity. Oddly Poland does not let you actually drive to any beach, at no point have I been able to drive and park at an actual beach. It makes me thankful, as there seems to be less trash and less destruction of the beaches.

The center of Poland reminds me of the mid-west United States, with rolling farmland and small hamlet towns, with ruins hidden amidst the farms. As with the mid-west, I believe people just drive through without actually paying attention to what is actually there. A few friends and I drove to Arcadia Park, we actually counted tractors on the way. We also might have gotten a little lost, but what good adventure does not have a lost story.

My first trip to southern Poland was a waterfall chasing trip, and the ones that I was able to find were jaw dropping amazing. Hidden in mountain gorges, carved into existence by Ice Ages, and the continuous flow of water, creating soul refreshing locations that draw a lot of visitors to their locations. Challenging me to capture these waterfalls without the occasional human in the shot.

On my eastern Poland adventure, I saw Russian influence on the buildings more of the houses and churches were made of wood, not often seen on the western half. Some of the churches had the Russian orthodox church look. I finally understood why all of the cow signs were something I should have paid attention to, as it is common in Poland to find FREE ranging cows, I.E. no fence... I could not believe it, I was more in wonder when I saw the free ranging horses. You would never see that in the states.

Driving through Poland, seeing the mounds of hay, the old looking brick farm buildings, still in use, pulls you back in time, to a simpler time. When farming was a way of life, and people rushed for different reasons.

i have to say I am truly honored to be here, and to be able to travel this country, so much to see, and I seem to only have 5 months left to see it.....

Just a random little creek that made the most amazing music.

Szklarki Waterfall

Wilds Waterfall

Arcadia Park

Ruins of the Besiekiery Castle, Poland.