Ocean Sensations

You know when you are close to the ocean, you start with the smell of salt in the air....the trees start to change how they grow...you can start to see the mounds of sand or rock...it calls to you...the ocean wants you to see it. it wants to sooth your soul if you can let go of the noise to the waves, so they can change you for but a moment.

As you approach the ocean, you walk across the soft sand, you get the closer the sand gets wet, the sand sticking between your toes, the wind caressing your skin and lifting the ends of your hair as the sun warms you. The closer you get the sand gently slopes down, you see the water marks left by the waves the sight of seashells and small amounts of seaweed little clumps along the beach in various colors. The water racing up the beach to meet your toes luring you closer. The sound of the waves fills your senses, the call of the gulls in the air. Cool water gently caressing your feet as you reach the edge. Looking around you see the deep blue water with waves crashing and turning in front of you....

I absolutely love the ocean, the smell of it the feeling it creates, how small and humble it makes me feel. The visible changes after a hurricane, the subtle changes after a gentle high tide. The ocean always creates change, no matter how calm it is.

In my soul I am a beach bum, no matter where I live or go, I will seek the ocean. I have dipped my toes, in the Mediterranean sea, walked the sands of the Baltic sea, I have seen some of the most amazing coast lines in North America, from the Bay of Fundee on the eastern coastline to the Turnagain Arm in Alaska. Sitting on a boulder on a Maine beach, watching the massive breakers come in and creating plumes of salt water plumes as they crash against the rock formations that create a amazing displays in the air.

I grew up on the east coast of the United States, having teachers for parents which means I spent summers traveling the eastern seaboard from Nova Scotia to the tip of Florida. Beaches that might one might not consider a beach as they were made up of rocks and tide pools to beaches that were white as the shells that they were made up of after having been shattered by waves. I have been lucky to have been able to stick my toes in most of the waters that touch American soil.

I was walking with my son in Seward Alaska, we knew their were whales out in the bay, I never expected one to come so close to land. My son and I were talking as I was gazing out over the inlet. The large cavernous mouth of a humpback wale gently rises out of the ocean closing on the food it was chasing. I sat there stunned in silence, camera hanging loose around my neck, speechless and breathless as my heart raced a million miles and hour... pointing to my son...Whale....Johnathan.... it could not have been more than 20 feet from the beach.....it surfaced a few more times, to bless us with its presence before it disappeared into the dark deep ocean depths. We have since taken whale watching tours further out in the bay, but never have we had that experience.

The ocean creates family memories that last a lifetime.

I went to Gadnsk Poland, and ended up on a beach named Hel, following the directions google gave me (not always a good idea) I ended up on this path, wide enough for a golf cart, which I was pretty sure was the vehicle in front of me just as wide as my little car. (not much bigger than a golf cart) This narrow wooded track full of old WWII bunkers lead me to a sandy beach... the laughter of children, the beauty of swans. I never expected to see a sunset with several swans in the ocean... Poland is full of these amazing birds.

When I was younger and living near Miami....the palm trees and ocean breeze, made you feel like you were living island life, where every thing was slower. To when I was older, the memories and wonder renewed through my son as I brought him to the beaches of my childhood, and was able to see it again through new eyes, as he searched through tide pools and amazed by the creatures and life he found.

The photographs of the ocean, I want to share the feeling with you, I want you to hear the bubbles pop along the sand as the wave reaches the furthest it can reach before it is pulled back, I want you feel that you are there. I want your to feel the first rays of sunlight as the sun creeps across the horizon in the morning warming your cheeks. Sunsets where the sky is full of all of the warm colors of the rainbow giving off a once in a lifetime show. Sunsets and sunrises over the ocean, are always shows with amazing color that will just take your breath away.