Not as far as you think.

Landscape photography is amazing as you are really left open to your interpretation of content. There are times I can drive for hours looking for that 1 draw dropping shot, there are times I can walk five minutes in the town I am currently in and find that draw dropping shot.

If there are train tracks in your town, I can guarantee you that if you walk them, or follow them you can find a shot, and train tracks make amazing leading lines. They normally have trees lining the tracks as well as shrubbery of different heights which help to draw viewers in and through the shot. of my favorite things to shoot, can create shots that will make you drool. This will require shooting in manual, a tripod as well as a remote, or knowledge of how to use a delayed shutter. Dead branches and trees create foreground, the surrounding trees make great framing opportunities. You may get wet and dirty, the closer to the water the better your shot might be.

Lakes, ponds....knowing when golden hour will turn these little beauties into magical havens. Days with very little wind and a splattering of clouds, will also lead to epic reflection shots. Sunsets across lakes and ponds are some of my favorite shots.

The best thing about landscape photography is that it is your minds eye, you need to be able to relax into the nature that surrounds you to appreciate it. In Alaska it is the chickadees that fly around my head that normally get out of my funk, as I start to watch how the flit between the branches in front of my face. In Poland, I have really just tried to breath and enjoy what is around me....listening to the call of nature is what leads me on epic adventures. Your next amazing landscape shot, could literally be right around the block from your house.... slow down and see what is there.

All of the photographs in this post are within walking distance of where I am.....I walked to every single one of them.