As you grow things change, the idea of what you want changes. I want my business to grow, I want to do more things to improve my business. I have goals I want to achieve. I am making some serious changes in my future so that I can attain these goals. With growth, without accepting the pain of change, I will not be able to move forward.

I have never been satisfied with my website and how it worked, I am much happier with this one, it will be easier to manage, with a better look.

This will be my last year in the military, drill weekends are nice the comradery I share with my fellow Soldiers will be missed. I have committed 20 years of my life to this, at this point in time I am ready for a change.

With more time on my hands, I cannot wait to have more adventures, and be able to participate in more shows. Both are things I really want. I always feel rushed, I never feel like I get to relax. I think with the changes I am making will help me move forward.