Hidden Treasures

Finding ruins and castles in Poland is actually pretty easy, and they litter the country, from mid century ruins to more recent style castles that to me look more like Old estates vs Castles which make the the little girl in me think of Knights, horses and epic battles. I honestly pull out my google maps app, and search "ruins near me", and the list populates, giving me driving miles, hours of operation, and pictures. Which really makes it easy for me to see what I want to go looking for, I prefer the broken and lost, to the pristine and densely visited locations....COVID.

Although, it is always good to do a topical graphic map check prior to going to said ruin/castle, if you did not know, google sometimes will lead you astray and you end up in someone's driveway, being barked at by the smallest dogs known to man kind.

Also depending on the ruin you find, I do not suggest rushing in. I have found that some are still inhabited, by what I do not know, I tend to vacated when huffed at. I may still take pictures of said doorway, but more of then than not, I have backed to a safe distance and have planned a get away strategy.

One of my favorites was down this little half a lane road, up a rugged mountain path, that I realize now was probably the original road up to the castle. It was built using the rock formations that were already there. Literally there was this one set of stairs that squeaked between two large boulders. I say squeaked as it was shoulder width wide that let up to the look out areas. There were rooms, that were two levels high, you could see the fireplace hanging in mid air as the floor that separated the levels was gone. You could walk across the bridge, I think at one time, there might have been a moat, or at least a draw bridge. The entry way forked with a large open courtyard, with stairs that led...to the Knights chambers?? Castles and ruins, are places imaginations run wild, as we can guess, but since we were never there, we can only rely on stories passed down. I could so go back and spend another day...day dreaming and photographing this amazing location.

We all hear stories of Castles ad moats, I never truly expected to find one...I was wrong, I did and my inner child rejoiced. As I sat waiting for the wind to wind down so that I could catch that perfect reflection shot, I watched children across from me swimming while people fished near by. I can only imagine telling someone "I am off to go fish in a moat" not something I would have ever expected to have happen. This castle no less beautiful than the last, was made of brick and was more in a case of ruin....It still told a story, and the photographs still make it look powerful. Could you imagine sitting in your castle listening to sound of thundering horse hooves crossing the drawbridge that crossed you moat to keep out intruders, ahh what a sound it must have been.

The Aqueduct in Arcadia park was worth getting lost for, in our lost state we found where Napoleon Bonaparte stayed while he was in Poland, the house was magnificent... The aqueduct, created magnificent reflections. There was another old house as well as this beautiful church in this park which had winding pathways that led around the ponds that dotted the park.

I Found this one wall of a castle, looked to be at one point three stories, now it was just a wall with a doorway....so many ways it could have been structured when it was whole...I caught it with the evening light coming through the trees giving me this star burst effect with a golden warm tone on the surface of the structure.

Having traveled the four corners of Poland the building structures change, depending on where you are, eastern is more brick, the western has more wooded structures and Russian influence. Some of the buildings I found in western Poland had old thatch rooves, I was even able to find a windmill that looked like it would start with the next heavy wind storm.

I am not done looking for ruins...I have only just started, or I feel like there are so many more to see....